Historic Belle Isle 

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Travel around Belle Isle in an historic vehicle built during Detroit's Golden Age!  Learn the story behind Michigan's most elaborate and controversial fountain!  Get in on the secret that lies beneathe the Belle Isle Aquarium!  Discover the enduring lure of Detroit's emerald Belle and find yourself in it!

Tour Belle Isle this summer in a Model A Ford motorcar!  Meet up with Antique Touring at our 1930's inspired garage, located at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant at 461 Piquette Avenue just two blocks from the Q line!  Then journey with us through historic Milwaukee Junction in an antique Model A to Detroit's emerald jewel, Belle Isle, where our guide will share the island's current splendor, as well its glorious past. 

Learn the locations of the island's first light house and long-gone ferry docks. Hear about the fate of the French and English families who lived on the island during the Seige of Fort Detroit. Perhaps you will become curious as to where a 17th Century Spanish cannon was found, where Sheba, the Elephant was laid to rest, or where nefarious bootleggers hid their wares during prohibition.  

Detroit is blessed that much of the architecture and character of Belle Isle's past has been preserved into the present day.  Antique Touring integrates our historic tour with an overview of current Belle Isle attractions including the James Scott Memorial Fountain, the Belle Isle Casino, the Belle Isle Aquarium, the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, the Nancy Brown Peace Tower, the Flynn Pavilion, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, the Coast Guard Station, the Livingstone Light House, Belle Isle Nature Center, the Detroit Yacht Club, and the Belle Isle Boat House.

Detroit, MI, United States

Scheduled Start Time:  Pickup at Piquette Museum and drive through Milwaukee Junction, the Cradle of Automotive History

Start +15:  Cross MacArthur Bridge and drive to Sunset Point 

Start +30:  Walk around the Scott Fountain or the Belle Isle Casino, share outdoor attractions at Flynn Pavilion

Start +45:  Drive to points of interest in the west island interior stopping at the Belle Isle Aquarium and Scripps Conservatory

Start +75:  Make our way along The Strand pointing out the Peace Tower, Dossin Great Lakes Museum and the Coast Guard Station 

Start +90:  Motor along "Lakeside" Drive," featuring the story of the award winning Livingstone Light House, and sharing information about the golf range and the nature center

Start + 105:  Discuss historic points of interest along Riverbank Drive as we pass by Detroit Yacht Club, Belle Isle Beach, and the Belle Isle Boat House

Start +120 minutes:  Return to Piquette Museum

The pick-up location is at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, 461 Piquette Ave., Detroit, Michigan. 48202.   

Drop off is at Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, 461 Piquette Ave., Detroit, Michigan. 48202.

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Hat:  preferably period circa 1929-1930
  • Bottled water
  • Shoes for a moderate amount of walking 
  • Curiosity and love of life
  • Appreciation for history

One bathroom break is planned in the middle of the two-hour tour at the Belle Isle Conservatory.

There are a limited number of hats for guests to borrow for relief from the sun. On very hot days and on rainy days, Antique Touring will assemble the soft top. 

Antique Touring does not provide meals, beverages, sun screen or bug repellant on this tour. 



Cancellations made one week before the date of the tour will be refunded in full minus the 5% booking fee.  

Cancellations less than one week in advance will be charged a 25% scheduling fee plus the 5% booking fee.

Tours go on as scheduled, rain or shine.  In the case of extreme weather advisories, tours will be rescheduled.